Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a property on Hup?

Hup is a directory to help you find the best prices to book your villa. Use the links provided under the Best Price section of the price checker to book directly with the local agent or owner of the property. Follow the instructions on their website to complete your booking.

The rates are different on the owner's website than on Hup.

The Hup Price Checker highlights how much money you can save based on comparisons at a specific time. Owners and agents may have changed their prices since Hup made the Price Checker. It will still be cheaper to book directly on their website than anywhere else.

Is Hup only available in Mallorca?

Yes, for the time being. Mallorca is one of the most densely populated areas in the world for holiday properties so it's the perfect place to start! However, we plan to expand the Hup directory in the near future so if you want to get your property on Hup and you are not in Mallorca just send us an email and we'll see what we can do!

The area Hup covers so far includes:

- Alaro
- Alcanada
- Alcudia
- Buger
- Cala St. Vincente
- Mal Pas/Bonaire
- Manresa/Barcares
- Pollensa
- Port d'Alcudia
- Port de Pollensa
- Sa Pobla

How do I add my property on Hup?

If you're interested in listing your property on Hup please fill out the ‘list property' form. Or, you can find it on the footer of all Hup web pages.

How does Hup differ from the other rental platforms?

For starters, we are entirely free to both property owners/agents and holidaymakers. We're a directory that finds you the best place to book your holiday property at the best price. We provide a direct line between you and holiday property owners across Mallorca.

What makes Hup different from the other villa comparison website I have seen?

Many other villa comparison websites are affiliated with bigger booking platforms meaning they get a financial kickback when you book through them. In other words, they can sometimes be biased about the properties they show you. Hup is different. We're an independent directory and we don't receive a commission for bookings, ever. That's how we find you the cheapest deal out there.

How come the savings are so significant?

Here's why Hup could save you so much money:

  • We don't charge any added commissions or fees. Other booking platforms can charge around 15- 20% extra to book through them. (Yes, it is scandalous, we know.)
  • We don't use an RMS (reservation management system) which can drive up costs for holidaymakers.
  • There are often multiple layers of middlemen driving up prices by adding even more commissions and costs to the price you're paying.
Why can't I search for specific dates?

The Hup price checker has been designed to show you the possible savings for specific dates and properties across Mallorca. We update these regularly but to search for your specific travel dates you'll need to follow the link to your chosen property.

Seen a property on another platform? Don't forget to check Hup before you book. Booking with us could save you around €500 for a week's stay!

I'm nervous about booking directly with the owners and agents.

Our team has verified all the owners and agents on our site. You can have complete confidence in booking via the links provided.

I've found a villa in Mallorca on another website but it's not on Hup?

No problem! Send us a link to the property and we'll find the cheapest place for you to book it!

Why do the savings differ from one property to another?

There are several reasons the amount you can save varies from property to property. This all depends on the time of the year, size of the property etc. Usually, the more expensive the property, the more significant the savings.

Some companies also have different pricing strategies, so the savings you'll make will differ between different agents and owners.

How are the properties on Hup ranked?

There is no ranking system for the properties on Hup. The properties are listed randomly to ensure equal representation across our site. Unlike other booking platforms, where properties that pay a big commission are ranked higher, we only show you the properties that are the most relevant to your search.

I have questions about a property I've seen on Hup?

Get all the answers you need straight from the local agent or owner! Follow the Best Price link to your chosen property and the contact instructions on their website.