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Whether you book your holiday villa through VRBO, AirBnB, Booking.com or directly with the property owner or their local agent, it’s the same villa. 

It has to be, because the owner supplies the same photos, rates, availability calendar and tourist licence details to them all.

Sure, it’s reassuring to book through the big platforms. But is it worth paying up to 25% in unnecessary commissions and service charges. 

As holiday property owners in Mallorca we’ve seen rental rates rise to cover the extra layer of costs the big platforms charge. And since they out muscle everyone in terms of generating enquiries and dominating Google searches, the holiday maker loses out by paying more than they need to.

Our aim is to help holidaymakers get closer to the owner and cut out the unnecessary middlemen. 

how to hup


Search through our listings to find the right property in the right location.


Check out the price comparison and the best place to book.


Click the links to see for yourself the variation in prices. (Prepare to be shocked).


Book the best price with confidence. All villas on Hup have been checked by our team and have valid tourist licenses.

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